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How to Get 1,000 Twitter Followers Now

Bina Walker

Looking for a channel to extend your online reach and build brand awareness? If you answered yes, Twitter remains one of the best social media channels around. Twitter has cemented itself as the go-to for minute-by-minute content. From rolling White House administration commentary to breaking news, Twitter engages consumers in real time.

While followers and likes are considered “vanity” metrics, the better KPIs to focus on have to do with deeper social media engagement—especially the number of people tweeting about your brand. One of the ways to get people talking about your brand is to have something worth listening to and start conversations. In other words, give people something to follow.

Although setting up a business Twitter page is relatively easy, many companies fumble with how to effectively use Twitter. How often should we post? What content should we post?

To grow your Twitter audience and reach the vaunted 1,000 follower count, take a journey with us using the steps outlined below.

Throw a little confetti on your profile

If you want people to join the party, you first need to make sure the stage is set. We often change up our logo and cover images depending on the holiday or season. Remember, people are much more likely to press that follow button if they immediately know what your business is about and the kind of value your posts add.

A quick way to do this is through an updated Twitter bio and relevant link to your website. Additionally, making use of pinned tweets is a great way to greet users right away with the kind of content they can expect to see if they follow you.

TIP: Take a few minutes to make sure your Twitter profile is “follow-worthy” before inviting people to your shindig.

Be friendly

It’s called social media for a reason … it’s supposed to be social. Make sure you’re interacting with your followers. If you have new followers, thank them for following and continue to share valuable content.

It’s been said that Twitter is the ultimate “scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” marketing channel. Take advantage of that by taking 20–25 minutes out of your day to follow accounts and interact with people in your niche. This tiny step will take you a long way.

TIP: It’s called social media for a reason … it’s supposed to be social. Make sure you’re interacting with your followers.

Tweet when the peeps are up

This sounds obvious, but your account has a greater chance of growing if you post your tweets when your audience is online. Those 3 a.m. tweets—when all is quiet and you’ve had several shots of espresso—might be when your head is clearest, but your audience most likely isn’t up for it.

Use Twitter’s proprietary tools and other social tools to see when your audience is the most active on Twitter. These are the ideal times for your brand to post Twitter updates. Proceed with conviction.


Find and connect with the right audiences

If you’re a content marketer, use Twitter’s search feature to scour their network for other content marketers, content strategists, and chief content execs. Finding these individuals will lead you to a plethora of relevant tweets, content ideas (because they’re probably sharing things in your wheelhouse), and industry knowledge.

Go a step further and follow, favorite, and retweet what they’ve shared. This helps you build the foundation for authentic conversations with people and brands who will understand the language you speak

Listen, monitor, and clean things up

Leverage tools to supercharge how you use Twitter. Hootsuite keeps track of anyone who mentions your account online. It can also help you schedule posts and subscribe to relevant hashtags. ManageFlitter keeps track of fake, spam, inactive, and low-influence accounts you’re following. By using these in tandem with other tools, you can make smart decisions about what your network looks like on Twitter.

TIP: The key is to follow people and brands who add value. If they follow you back? Even better.

Friends of your friends should be your friends

Following the accounts your followers—especially high-influence followers—publicly follow can lead you to some industry-adjacent influencers and power players. Take Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute, for example. As an important influencer in content marketing, the accounts he follows on Twitter are often connected to the content marketing work he does. If you’re in the content marketing space, following Joe’s followers (and starting conversations with them) gives them reasons to follow you back and keep tabs on what you’re publishing.

TIP: Following accounts is like a digital handshake.

Find relevant content

Zero in on what your niche is and the topics your brand ultimately anchors to. If you’re using Twitter to promote a content marketing brand, for example, it may not make a lot of sense for your followers if you start sharing about the declining sex ratio in India (unless it has something to do with content marketing). Before posting brand content, ask some critical questions. Does this sound like us? Is this on-brand?

Now it’s your turn

By following these simple steps, not only will you help your organization (or leadership) check off the Twitter box, but you’ll also be fast-tracking to 1,000 meaningful followers. Those followers mean opportunities for authentic, powerful conversations online—and that’s something every brand ultimately wants.

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