How to Get 1,000 Twitter Followers Now

By Sep 12, 2018

By Bina Walker

So you've just been handed the role of Social Media Specialist, and been instructed to "Get on that Twitter thing!" Great, your boss wants to check off the Twitter box in your content marketing plan, but you know that a half-baked strategy isn’t going to work—particularly for the long term.

Have no fear. The work of discovering best practices in the Twittersphere has come long before you, so there’s no reason to sweat over recreating the wheel. To start, if you’re looking to gain a quick audience to get some social cred (and make your boss happy), here are five things you can do right now to add 1,000 Twitter followers.

  • Know your audience, then find them. If you’re a content marketer, look up "Content Marketer," "Chief Content Officer," or "Content Strategist." These titles will lead you to tweets, and people who are talking about the same things you’re interested in. Start following, 'favorite-ing' and 'retweeting' their profiles and tweets.
  • Find a tool to listen, monitor, and clean up your Twitter account. I use both Hootsuite and Manageflitter. Hootsuite keeps track of anyone that mentions your handle, schedule posts and searches for certain hashtags you ask it to. ManageFlitter looks up fake, spam, inactive, and low influential accounts you’re following. By using these, you can make smart decisions by unfollowing and following people on Twitter. The key is to follow people who are likely going to follow you back.
  • Once you've found people to follow, go follow who they’re following. This usually leads you to some of the biggest influencers in your industry. Take Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute. As an important influencer in content marketing, the people he follows are more than likely going to be related to content marketing as well. So, if you were in the content marketing space, you should probably start following people Joe is following. Once you follow more people, they'll follow you back. Following back is like a 'handshake' across the screen.
  • Be social on social. This means, you have to actually post something, talk to people, and care about what you’re saying. If someone follows you, make the time to thank them. Ask someone how they’re doing if they follow you. Get to know people. Isn't that why you're on Twitter anyway?
  • Find relevant content. If you’re using Twitter for a specific purpose, such as content marketing, don't post about the declining sex-ratio in India (unless it has to do with content marketing, or course). Ask yourself, with everything you post, "would I retweet, favorite, or even read what I’m posting?" Share articles that are written from Influencers within your field and credit the author with a tag.

By following these simple steps, not only will you help your boss check off the Twitter box, but with 1,000 relevant followers, you’ll be the hero for the day, and possibly considered a social genius. What are some of your ideas for getting to 1,000?

Happy following, Tweeties!