Holiday Gift Guide for Marketers: At Home or in the Office

By Dec 12, 2019

Chestnuts roasting by an open fire? Jack Frost nipping at your nose? If it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, it’s also time to start checking off your holiday gifts list—maybe starting with yourself.

Gift shopping can be stressful, so we’ve made it easier with this easy and delightful holiday gift guide. Get gifts for coffee/tea lovers, improve your office, decorate your desk for the holidays, and more.

Gifts for Coffee or Tea Lovers

Here are some practical and fun gift options for you or your special marketer.

  1. This mug warmer keeps coffee warm between meetings and emails. It has three temperature settings and turns off automatically. Cheers! And oh, please get back to reading that report three tabs down.
    One of the best mug warmers to keep your coffee at the perfect temperature.
  2. This is just too fun not to share. The perfect marketer’s mug. One for you and your desk mate.
    Instant Marketer, Just Add Coffee mug from Etsy. Perfect for the coffee lover.
  3. We don’t want dogs chewing up the kids’ homework, and we definitely don’t want coffee spilling on a client’s marketing plan. This travel mug helps keep your papers safe from errant spills.
    This Starbucks tumbler is the best way to avoid spills.
  4. This pour-over option keeps hot drinks warm for hours, even for the meeting that should’ve been an email.
    Coffee Gator's thermal travel cup keeps your drink warm for hours. Such a great way to drink coffee during the day.
  5. Tour the world through coffee with this monthly subscription. You can also browse previous collections. (I’ll take one of these, please.)
    World coffee subscription for yourself, yes please.
  6. Need the perfect water bottle? This one keeps your water fresh and cool.
    Need a water bottle that keeps your water cool and isn't so bulky? This Swell water does just that.

Marketing Books for the Avid Reader

Need a good book for cozying up by the fire? Don’t forget the hot cocoa. Here are a few solid marketing books.

  1. Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio
    Principles by Day Dalio is a great read and offers insightful views on how to make your life more efficient.
  2. Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen by Donald Miller
    Building A Story Brand is a great read for anyone in content marketing.
  3. Conversation Marketing: How to Be Relevant and Engage Your Customer by Speaking Human by Kevin Lund
    How to tell your story while being relevant and interesting. Kevin Lund shares some great insight in his latest book Conversation Marketing.
  4. The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, and Stand Out from the Crowd by Allan Dib
    Allan Dib offers great insights to start a marketing plan.
  5. Master Content Strategy: How to Maximize Your Reach & Boost Your Bottom Line Every Time You Hit Publish by Pamela Wilson
    Master Content Strategy: How to Maximize Your Reach and Boost Your Bottom Line Every Time You Hit Publish

Ideas to Spruce Up the Home Office

These gift ideas will help you or your favorite marketer get comfy.

  1. Neck pain, anyone? The Roost Laptop Stand will elevate your laptop. A happier you makes for a happier workplace.
    Roost laptop stand to increase productivity and give your neck some relief.
  2. Stand for stand-up desks. Work while standing up. Here’s the IKEA option.
    Ikea sells the perfect desk for you to stand up and work.
  3. Everyone needs seating, whether you’re using your grandma’s hand-carved rocker or the iconic Herman Miller Aeron desk chair.
    The Aeron chair is one of the most comfortable chairs for your office.
  4. Treat yourself to the smooth-glide upgrade of these hardwood-safe skate wheels for your chair. You’ll be rolling around that tree, nog in hand, in no time.
    Twirl around your chair by adding these skate wheels to your office chair.
  5. The creators of this light claim it improves your mood. It’s also small enough to fit right on your desk. Banish SAD and get to those TPM reports, stat.
    Need some sun in the winter? This Happy Light does the job and keeps you nice and happy.
  6. Need help organizing your appointments and to-do lists? Create your own spread for specific days with this bullet journal.
    If you need a bullet journal, this is the one to get.
  7. When a product has more than 3,300 ratings and 4.5 stars on Amazon, you know it’s good. These pens are perfect for note taking or journaling.
    The best pens to journal or take notes.

Giving Holiday Cheer

Bring the festivities right to your desk with these unique finds.

  1. This mistletoe hat is definitely NOT for kissing your coworkers—it’s just cute. Advice from one marketer to another: save the kissing for after five o’clock.
    Mistletoe headband
  2. Need a tree for your desk? This mini tree is perfect. It’s less than two feet tall and comes with lots of color options.
    Decorate this desk Christmas tree with fun colored bows.
    Or how about one of these?
    A darling Christmas tree for your desk.
  3. Do you like twinkle lights? Here’s the best way to add more lighting and a tree to your desk.
    Add this light-up Christmas tree to your desk.
  4. Don’t want the constant temptation of eating candy? Add some candy cane pens to your desk. Zero calories so you can indulge in extra cookies later. Bonus: they’re cute and functional.
    Candy cane pens for your desk, beat the candy temptation.
  5. Forget the conventional notepad. These snowman notepads will melt your marketer heart.
    Get these fun festive snowman notepads for your next meeting.

Gift Ideas for the Music Lover

Some folks work best with music; others need absolute silence. Here are some ideas for those who want the tunes on.

  1. Our CEO doesn’t travel anywhere without this speaker. The sound is great and it can pair up to multiple devices at once. It also comes in a beautiful bright orange color for anyone attending Content Marketing World next year (go orange!).
    Don't travel anywhere without this amazing portable speaker from Bose.
  2. Be slick without a cord with some Apple AirPods.
    Go cordless with AirPods.
  3. Give the gift of all kinds of music with this Spotify Premium gift card. You can even deliver it via email.
    Get a Spotify premium gift card for your music lover.

Fun Fidget Toys

A great way to spark creativity or simply take a break is to play with fidget toys. Or slime. Everyone loves slime.

  1. Rare earth magnets can make for a fascinating analog diversion. Happy tinkering.
    Neodymium rare earth cube magnets. A great tinker toy.
  2. A stress relief fidget toy. Take one to your next meeting.
    Kinetic stress relief toy for your desk.
  3. Get those creative juices flowing with more magnets. Do you wanna make a snowman?
    get those creative juices going with these stress relief magnets toy.
  4. T3 uses this Thinking Putty at all of our retreats. It’s another great way to get into a creative mind space.
    Thinking putty to get you in the creative mindset.

I’m not saying you’ll be a genius for indulging in some of these gifts yourself, but you’ll definitely be everyone’s favorite coworker when you take your secret Santa game to the next level with these ideas. Happy festive marketing!