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Social Media Campaign Checklist

Rachel Witzel
Lead Digital Strategist

What you'll learn

  • How to plan a winning strategy for social media campaigns
  • Why ROI isn't the most valuable metric

What you'll need

  • A compelling message for a campaign
  • High-value, engaging content for all channels


Keeping a regular social media presence is already a stretch for many teams, so if you’re cooking up a separate campaign on top of that, it definitely needs to be grounded in a solid strategy. 

When you get the call from leadership that “we need a social campaign for this”, don’t be afraid to push back and figure out if it really warrants the lift that a social campaign requires; because here’s a hard truth: not everything needs a social media campaign. Sometimes a couple of posts will suffice and sometimes a completely separate channel is more appropriate for the message in question. 

Start by asking yourself two important questions: What business objective does this campaign address? and What are your objectives for this campaign? If there aren’t satisfactory answers for these questions, the campaign won’t have a strong enough foundation to justify the time and resources of a campaign.

If you’ve answered the first two questions, it’s time to round out the basis of your strategy with a few more:

  • What persona(s) are you targeting with this campaign?
  • What channels are most effective for those personas?
  • What are your KPIs for each channel?
  • What resources (internal and external) will you need to execute the campaign?

Once you’ve thought through these, you’ll be well on your way to setting your campaign up with a solid strategy.


Every marketer wants to see their campaigns succeed, and with a good strategy underpinning your campaign, you’ve already done half the work. In addition to all the usual analytics sources from in-app reporting, Google Analytics, and analytics programs, you can add an extra layer of attribution by using a short self-reported attribution survey at conversion.

When reviewing the results, remember that with social media, ROI isn’t the main goal. Your audience follows your brand on social media platforms because they value the content you post and want to engage with it and your brand. At the end of the day, social media isn’t built to be the ultimate conversion tool, it’s meant to build affinity and engagement that can lead to conversion further down the pipeline. 

If you find that your engagement metrics tend to outperform your conversion metrics in social campaigns, use that knowledge to tailor the way you approach future campaigns. Is there a way you can produce the same quality of content with a more efficient use of resources and a lower cost so that your ROI automatically gets a boost? Is there anything blocking your audience from converting (e.g., in- vs. out-of-app shopping experiences)? Is your audience inherently not the type to convert on social media? 

The ROI from conversions is important, but the first-hand data and knowledge of your audience’s behavior and preferences is just as valuable.

The Checklist

Use this checklist to help plan and execute your next social media campaign. 


What business objective does this campaign address?

What are your objectives for this campaign?

What persona(s) are you targeting with this campaign?

What are your KPIs for each channel?

Campaign run dates:


Which channels are you using?

  • TikTok
  • Instagram (Static)
  • Instagram Reels
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • YouTube Shorts
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Asset Creation

What type of assets will you need?

  • Photos
  • Still graphics/animations
  • Motion graphics/animations
  • Video
  • Text posts

Asset Organization

Get everything gathered in one place for easy access. We recommend an Airtable or other database.

  • Match each asset with its corresponding caption copy and hashtag(s) for each channel
  • Ensure assets are appropriately sized for each channel

Profile Optimization

Does anything on your profile need to be updated for the campaign?

  • Bios
  • Profile pictures or cover photos
  • Branded hashtag


How is your campaign performing live? How did it perform overall?

  • Track engagement and results during the campaign
  • Track engagement and results at the 7-, 14-, and 30-day marks after the campaign
  • Compile your report with the results
  • Did you meet your objectives?
  • If not, does the data suggest why?
  • Which channel had the best results?
  • Which channel had the worst results?
  • What does this tell you about your social strategy going forward?

The Impact

With a thoughtful strategy, a holistic approach to campaign measurements, and a good checklist to keep everything organized, you can plan and launch any social media campaign. Getting the campaign off the ground is no small feat, so don't forget to give yourself some credit—you've earned it!

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