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Meet Flagger.

Compliant content at scale

Keep your compliance department happy.

20 years of work partnering with some of the biggest brands in the financial industry means we've seen it all. Working across marketing, compliance, and legal divisions, we've seen the problems and we know what the way forward looks like. And it starts with our deep learning AI.

Here's what our AI flags.

Promissory statements.

Guarantees and promises are a no-go for most compliance reviews.

Offering financial advice.

Some phrases get lost in translation (and you might have a global audience).

Gendered language.

Using gender-neutral language is often overlooked. It shouldn't be.

Holidays and events.

Your audience shouldn't feel alienated by what your content celebrates.

Stereotypes and racial terms.

Lots of everyday phrases have racial undertones. Avoid them.

And... just about anything.

Social posts, images, emojis. All of it's gotta pass compliance reviews.

better results, less time

Why our partners love us.

Write accurately for everyone.

Provides in-line grammar suggestions and tips for brand guidelines, including style, tone, sentiment, and audience.

Spend less time in review rounds.

Our AI flags which words/images/phrases might be problematic and which disclosures are needed.

Reduce compliance risk.

Having content pre-flagged for compliance, legal, and brand means less time and resources spent resolving issues later.

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Fuel your growth with Flagger.

We'll reply to your inquiry in 48 hours, detailing exactly how your brand will be fueled by Flagger's unique AI solutions.

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Mission Control

Make bold predictions—minus the crystal ball maintenance fees. An ongoing mix of marketing intelligence & intuitive insights for growth opportunities.

  • NLP/SEO analysis

  • Competitive intelligence

  • Anomaly & opportunity insights


One piece of content, now with nine lives. Our content accelerator transforms content on the fly for different audiences & channels.

  • Headless content creation

  • Thought leader voice matching

  • Omnichannel scale